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Extremely Important: Before You Plug It In!!

When you first acquire a jukebox, any year, make, model, here are a few things that must be done before you plug it in:

1. Inspect all of the Fuses: Remove, inspect one at a time, (Call Us if blown or reinstall if good). Make sure that the Amperes and the type of each fuse, such as: AGC, Slo-Blo, MDL, etc., is exactly the same as the type that is printed on the chassis next to each fuse holder. If you don’t know please call us. It will save you time and money.

2. For ALL Seeburg Wired Selection Receivers in models M100A through 100JL, if wall boxes, (Diner booth selector units), such as 3W-1, 3WA, etc. are not going to be used, have a jukebox technician locate the 5 Mfd. @ 300 volt capacitor and disconnect it for safety reasons. This procedure takes that old original capacitor out of the circuit. If wall boxes are going to be used, be sure to replace this capacitor with a fresh, new one. Doing this will help save the transformer in the WSR. (Most of these capacitors are shorting out and causing the transformer in the WSR’s to burn up possibly causing a fire. Replacement transformers, for the WSR’s, are approximately $300.00, when you can find them!)

3. For Seeburg’s: “SOME” Amplifiers, Receivers, Selector Units, Control Centers and other components are interchangeable. In other words: It is possible for a Seeburg Jukebox to have a different “Component Part Model Number” than is listed in the Service and Parts manual. If you have any questions about this, Please send us an Email

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I typically answer Emails within 24 hours. Please email me with your jukebox related requests and make sure you include the make and model of your jukebox and your location in the first email. If you don't know the model send a picture of the front of your machine.

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