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The Seeburg Industrial-Commercial Music (SICM) model SLBA-2 from 1949

This was the music system used in industrial settings to provide background music for employees in factories and offices or shoppers in retail environment in the late 1940's and 1950's.  I have heard of one custom built for Penn Station in NYC that was used to play announcements with a dial up selector over the loud speaker system as well as background music.

If you would like to have a copy of the Index Book Pages or the other literature in the pictures below send me an email and I will be happy to email the PDF free of charge.

The only places I have found the Seeburg SICM manual for this unit is on and

I talked with Gib at West Tech Services and he was able to rebuild my original crystal cartridge by replacing the old crystal with a new crystal.  I had to make a modification to the input circuit because the new crystal did not produce the same signal strength as the original.

Basically, after rebuilding my CP2-L6 I found resistor #3 was a 15K 1/2 Watt that needed to be changed out to a 68K 1/2 Watt and that fixed the gain level for the preamp 6J7 tube.

More information can be found at:

Seeburg SLBA2 Industrial Library Unit

Owner: Benjamin A. Patenaude

BAP Jukebox Restoration and Service

Harrisburg, PA 17109 USA

Serial Numbers:

SL-2 = 1767

BA-2 = 1721

Key Numbers:

Front = Fort Lock # B603

Back = Chicago Lock Co. # 2386

Cartridge: Seeburg # 600052 Double Sided Crystal Pickup Manufactured by The Astatic Corporation. The ceramic aftermarket cartridge for the Seeburg model A will work in place of the original crystal cartridge without modification.


Bulbs:  Lumiline 30 watt 17-1/2" incandescent tube for lighting the front of the record rack

Mechanism: 200S4-L6

Signal Input and Cancel Cable Assembly: 600252

Control Panel: CP2-L6

Auxiliary Panel Assembly: 600324


Power Amplifier: 18AL-L6

Speaker: Jenson 12” voice coil speaker. Part # 502333 (no field coil)

Twelve Special Made Record Albums for storing 144 records




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